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As one of the most highly respected dermatologists in the country, cialis ask Dr. Graf is known for her integrative approach to dermatology, grounded in proven science and overall wellness. A true trailblazer, Dr. Graf believes that, unlike cars, humans have the innate ability to heal.


Over 100 years of Nobel Prize-winning research on the impact of alkalinity on every cell in the body confirmed her understanding that truly beautiful skin must occur from the inside out, and that balancing internal alkalinity (pH balance) is the key to optimal health, vitality and beautiful, glowing skin.

This led Dr. Graf to write her best-selling book, Stop Aging, Start Living, which shows readers simple ways to achieve alkalinity through her revolutionary two-week pH-balancing diet. Throughout the book Dr. Graf describes how what you eat, how you breathe and how you feel emotionally all affect your entire body, including your skin. What’s inside:

  • Small changes you can make to alkalinize your system, such as adding a squeeze of lemon to a glass of water, to alkalinize your system
  • Fourteen sample menus with healthy alkalinizing food choices, such as leafy greens and colorful fruits and vegetables, that can help beautify your skin and soften and prevent wrinkles
  • How to choose the right skin care products for your face and your budget
  • Dozens of anti-aging tips and more

This path to inner and outer beauty has impacted many who have written to Dr. Graf describing the new-found energy and glow her easy-to-follow pH-balancing plan has given them. Here’s what top influential beauty editors have to say:

“In Stop Aging, Start Living, Dr. Graf explains in straightforward, no-nonsense terminology why living a well-balanced life, from eating slowly to embracing joy fully, is the best defense against againg… all while prescribing an easy-to-follow Rx for younger-looking skin.” Elaine D’Farley, beauty director, Self magazine

“Dr. Graf has been one of my go-to dermatologists for years. And in usual fashion, the insights in her book are wise and thoughtful.” Amy Keller, former beauty director, Allure magazine

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