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Healthy You – How to Maximize Your Dermatologist’s Visit

Here are a few questions that I recommend asking your dermatologist, cialis usa see to ensure that you maximize your visit.

Here’s to a lifetime of healthy skin!

When you visit your doctor, illness arrive with educated questions:

? What is the best skin care routine/products for my skin type?

? Are the products I’m using at home okay to use along with the products and/or procedures that you give me?

? How can I tell whether I have sensitive skin?

? How do I prevent skin cancer?

? What’s the best sunscreen to use for my skin? What active ingredients should I look for?

? How much sunscreen should I apply and how often?

? What are the signs of sun damage, illness and what is the best way to treat visible sun damage?

? What are the signs of skin cancer, and how often should I have my moles checked?

? How do I check my moles at home?

? Are self?tanners really safe, and do you recommend them?

? How is my makeup affecting my skin?

? How do I know whether I have acne or rosacea, and how do I treat it?

? Do I need a prescription to treat my skin problem, or can you recommend OTC products?

? Is it OK to squeeze a pimple or blackhead?

? How will hormone replacement therapy or birth control or other medications I’m taking, such as antibiotics, affect my skin?

? How should I take care of my nails?

? How should I take care of my hair if I perm or color?treat it?

? Is my skin aging well?

? What can you tell me about the latest anti?aging products and in?office procedures?

? How do I know if I’m ready for Botox or fillers?

? What lifestyle and nutritional changes can I make to help myself look and feel better?

? Are there supplements I can take to help my skin look better as well as improve my health?

? Be sure to also include your own personal questions or concerns that may not be included in the check?list

Click here for a printable PDF version to bring with you to the dermatologist’s office.

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