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Dr. Graf shares the latest news in the world of dermatology, skincare, and nutrition

Dermatology News: “Melanoma Monday” Seeks To Increase Awareness Of Skin Cancer thumbnail Posted on
From AAD: ”Melanoma Monday” Seeks To Increase Awareness Of Skin Cancer. Healio (5/6) reports, “As part of its SPOT Skin Cancer campaign, the” American Academy of Dermatology “is designating the day as SPOT Orange on Melanoma Monday to heighten awareness of skin cancer and to motivate the public to detect early signs of the disease, according […]
Dermatology News: Fake Botox Found thumbnail Posted on
If you think you’ve stumbled upon a great deal on Botox, you might want to think twice. According to, FDA recently issued a warning of counterfeit Botox sold in the US. The FDA said in an alert posted on its website that the outer carton of the fraudulent Botox is counterfeit, and the vial […]
Dermatology News: Swollen Eyes? Get a Chemical Allergy Test thumbnail Posted on
The latest from Skin & Allergy News: Eczema of the eyelids? Think chemical allergy LAS VEGAS – If a patient presents with eczema of the eyelids, or swollen eyelids that don’t respond to topical steroids, think about sending them for chemical testing, advised Dr. Janet M. Neigel. “The eyelids are red and scaly, a little […]
Can Green Tea Treat Athlete’s Foot? thumbnail Posted on
According to a new study in Japan, bathing feet in green tea may relieve athlete’s foot symptoms. “Twelve weeks of daily warm foot baths containing 0.1% green tea polyphenols (GTP) resulted in a significant improvement in the overall skin symptoms of 39 patients with interdigital tinea pedis, such as erythema, desquamation, and maceration, compared with […]
Posted on
Beauty and dermatology news outlets were on fire yesterday over a letter published in Sexually Transmitted Infections of British Medical Journal theorizing that the increase in Molluscum contagiosum may be due more people shaving or waxing their genital region. interviewed Dr. Graf for the story “Could A Brazilian Wax Be An STD Risk?” for the real science behind M. […]