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Surefire Nutrition Tips to Live Your Healthiest from Dr. Jeannette Graf

Straight from Dr. Graf’s Kitchen: Healthy Holiday Broth thumbnail Posted on
You all know that when it comes to healthy eating, Dr. Graf doesn’t just talk the talk, she also walks the walk. Herewith, a recipe for a healthy holiday broth made with readily available ingredients that’s alkalizing and delicious. Chop the following vegetables and put it in a large soup pot with distilled water. Using […]
Happy Earth Day 2013 – Organic Beauty and Wellness Chat with NewBeauty thumbnail Posted on
It’s easy to celebrate Earth Day 2013 by incorporating earth-friendly habits that are not just good for the environment but good for you, too. From limiting your showers to 5 minutes, which is great for your skin, to finding beauty products made with sustainable ingredients, your options are limitless. Getting into the spirit of Earth […]
Grocery Shopping with Dr. Graf: Organic Lacinato Kale thumbnail Posted on
Spotted over the weekend: Beautiful and delicious organic lacinato kale at one of Dr. Graf’s favorite markets, North Shore Farms in Port Washington, Long Island. Lacinato kale, or dinosaur kale, has a longer and narrower leaf with a softer texture than regular curly kale. Combined with its sweeter taste, lacinato kale is great to use […]
Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet Proven by Science thumbnail Posted on
Dr. Jeannette Graf has been a proponent of the Mediterranean Diet for years. As a pioneer of the powerful health benefits of this heart-healthy and alkalinizing diet, Dr. Graf has featured it prominently in her best-selling book, Stop Aging, Start Living. What exactly is the Mediterranean Diet and why is it so healthy? Imagine the […]
Mediterranean Inspired Recipe: Mediterranean Crab Salad thumbnail Posted on
Looking to incorporate heart healthy and alkalinizing dishes to your diet? Try this delicious Mediterranean Crab Salad recipe from Dr. Jeannette Graf’s best-selling book, Stop Aging, Start Living!   The following recipe is designed to be eaten over lettuce, but you may find you enjoy it just as much over tomatoes. Instead of crabmeat, you […]