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Happy Valentine’s Day From Us To You thumbnail Posted on
We’re currently in Roma to film for HSN Italy, but we want to wish everyone a happy and fun Valentine’s Day! If you’re heading out on a hot date, remember to bring along a hydrating lip balm to keep your lips kissably soft. XOXO Dr. Graf
Happy Earth Day 2013 – Organic Beauty and Wellness Chat with NewBeauty thumbnail Posted on
It’s easy to celebrate Earth Day 2013 by incorporating earth-friendly habits that are not just good for the environment but good for you, too. From limiting your showers to 5 minutes, which is great for your skin, to finding beauty products made with sustainable ingredients, your options are limitless. Getting into the spirit of Earth […]
Posted on
Dr. Graf was on the panel of Pinteresting Session: Vlogs, Blogs, Twitter, and More this weekend at the Cosmetic Surgery Forum 2012. Read the recap below to find out how Dr. Graf and other top dermatologists are utilizing social media to engage with patients and educate their readers. The goal of social media is to create […]
Posted on
The holiday season is about spending quality time with friends and family, usually over a delicious, albeit acidic-building feast of meat, dairy, carbs, and sugar. Don’t worry; here are some helpful tips from Dr. Jeannette Graf’s book, “Stop Aging, Start Living”, that will help reduce the acid-producing nature of parties. Follow these tips to enjoy […]
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With lives consumed by work, responsibilities, and lots of stress, many of us have forgotten what it feels like to laugh heartily and smile contagiously. I realized a few years ago that I needed to have more fun, but it took me a few weeks to figure out how. Dancing is my fun activity, but […]