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Can Probiotics Treat Acne? New Study Shows New Potential

We know that the bacteria P. acnes causes bacteria, viagra generic advice but a there 0,3862061.story” target=”_blank”>new study in which bacterial DNA was sequenced shows that not all strains of P. acnes cause acne.

Preparation for DNA sequencing - probiotics

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As quoted in the LA Times article, Dr. Noah Craft, a dermatologist at the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute who conducted the study described the difference in P. acnes strains as such:

“Dogs are dogs, but a Chihuahua isn’t a Great Dane. People with acne had pit bulls on their skin. Healthy people had poodles.”

So what does this mean for skin care? You can bet that we’ll see more research on the benefits of probiotics in skin care products, especially in acne treatment products.


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