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Recipe: Dr. Graf’s Alkalinizing Cocktail for Overall Good Health, Vitality and Glowing Skin

Alkalinity—the right balance of acid to alkaline in the body—is key to inner and outer beauty. We all know that eating leafy greens as well as colorful vegetables and fruits help boost our health and our body’s alkaline level. But we get so caught up in our busy lives that often there is simply no time to eat a healthy meal. Is there a more concentrated and convenient source of fruits and vegetables? Freshly pressed vegetable and fruit juice is a faster alternative, cialis sales capsule but what if you travel constantly or work long hours in the office? Is there a faster and even more convenient solution?

Luckily, viagra usa cialis there is an easier way— green powder. Green powders are nothing fancier than a powdered form of vegetable juice. Some formulas also include powdered fruit such as berries. They provide just as much nutrients as fresh juice, thumb and you can make it anywhere — the office, the airport, or even at your child’s soccer practice! Some brands like Dr. Graf’s favorite, Greens First, contain as much antioxidants as the equivalent to eating ten servings of fruits and vegetables. You can also add other supplement powders such as fiber or spirulina to further boost the nutrient value of your green juice!

To get all the nutrients found in a fresh juice when you’re on the go, here’s a simple alkalinizing cocktail recipe from Dr. Graf’s book Stop Aging, Start Living, Even if you’re not 100% ready to commit to Dr. Graf’s revolutionary alkaline diet, drinking a glass of alkalinizing cocktail every morning — or any time you need a boost — will help you feel revitalized.

Alkalinizing Cocktail
1 to 2 scoops of greens powder
1 to 2 scoops of fiber powder
1 tablespoon spirulina (optional)
100% fresh fruit juice (to taste and optional)
8 to 24 oz of water (to desired consistency)

Place all ingredients in a shaker bottle with a tightly fitting lid. Shake vigorously for 10 to 15 seconds. Remove lid and enjoy. Here’s to your health and inner and outer beauty!

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