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Holiday Tips: Stop Aging Party Guide

The holiday season is about spending quality time with friends and family, discount viagra salve usually over a delicious, discount cialis generic albeit acidic-building feast of meat, buy viagra dairy, carbs, and sugar. Don’t worry; here are some helpful tips from Dr. Jeannette Graf’s book, “Stop Aging, Start Living”, that will help reduce the acid-producing nature of parties. Follow these tips to enjoy the euphoric feel of biting into that pecan pie without completely ruining your alkaline lifestyle!

  • Eat your meal at home, planning to just have a few tastes of the party fare.
  • Down an Alkalinizing Cocktail before you head out the door. It will help to buffer much of what is to come!
  • Alternate every alcoholic drink with a glass of lemon water.
  • Choose alkalinizing foods whenever possible. Most party fare includes a plate of raw vegetables and sliced fruit. Stay near those options and away from the little hot dogs wrapped in dough. Once you fill up on fruits and vegetables, leave the scene. If you don’t hover near the buffet table, you’ll be much less likely to continually pop miniature meatballs and cheese cubes in your mouth.
  • Whenever you take a bathroom break, check in with yourself. Close your eyes, focus inward, and take a few deep breaths. Notice your thoughts and emotions. Are you having the time of your life or just killing time? If the latter, consider whether you might have a more productive evening somewhere else. If the former, keep those joyful neurochemicals flowing!

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