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Do I need to exfoliate? Is there a correct way?

Once you are in your teens, cialis generic viagra chances are you require some form of exfoliation, cialis usa especially if you are experiencing clogged pores and breakouts. As we get older, there is less moisture within our outer skin layers and our natural exfoliating enzymes are unable to perform their desquamating function because they lack the level of hydration needed to activate this function. The result is an accumulation of dead skin cells on the outer surface of our skin. This build-up prevents the skin from reflecting light, which results in a dull, dry, gray, ashen look.

Exfoliation may be performed at home gently and gradually through a variety of different types of products, including daily cleansers, pads, gentle scrubs, foaming peels and at home kits. At-home microdermabrasion and chemical peel kits are stronger than daily use products, and should be used with caution since frequency of use will depend on skin type.

These may be done from once weekly to up to three times per week as tolerated.

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