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Why must I clean my face morning and night?

Why must I clean my face morning and night? Sometimes I am so tired at night that I forget to take off my make-up.

Facial cleansing is the first single most important step in skin care and it must be performed twice daily—upon arising and before bedtime. By bedtime we have accumulated a mixture of broken- down skin care products, generic viagra doctor sunscreen and make-up, viagra canada unhealthy mixed with sebum and environmental exposures, site such as airborne particles, accumulated over the day. The removal of the metabolic by-products of all these elements makes cleansing an essential step, providing the optimum conditions for skin to perform its important renewal function overnight. In the morning, the metabolic waste products from the renewal process must also be cleansed from the skin.

TIP: If you’re too tired for routine bedtime cleansing, keep a pack of pre-moistened makeup removal wipes or pads on your night table so you can easily reach over and wipe your face clean right before you go to sleep.

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